Why 109°?

We spent a lot of time agonizing over what to call our company and being a bunch of scientists and engineers this involved a big meeting with lots of coffee. Ovenstone is where we are located so that bit was easy. But what should come after it? ‘Brewery?’ ‘Project?’ ‘Mid-life crisis career change?’

Eventually we came up with Ovenstone 109°. 

But what is the significance of this magic number? Well, 109° is the bond angle between the hydroxyl group (OH) and the alkyl group (C2H5) in a molecule of ethanol of course.

Unless you are a hardcore science nerd we’re guessing you probably didn’t know that, so hopefully we have fulfilled our promise that you will leave our website knowing a tiny little bit more about the world than when you arrived.

We didn’t say it was going to be anything useful.

A molecule of ethanol, otherwise known as alcohol.


Icons created by Gan Khoon Lay and Emma Gilardi at the Noun Project.