Event Hosting

We are fully licensed and can hold up to 150 guests at our venue. Our place is huge and we have hosted small gatherings of a few folk having dinner and drinks to ceilidhs and funeral gatherings. We don't do our own catering but we have some fantastic contacts that can provide anything from a small buffet to a full on culinary delight. Please get in touch to see what we can do.

Ceilidh in a Brewery

Our place is ideal for a ceilidh because it is so huge. Also, a ceilidh is a good excuse for a party. To date we have had three big ceilidh events and all were ticketed to ensure we kept an eye on numbers and to make sure there was plenty of room for 'vigourous' dancing!
Our next event has yet to be arranged but will likely be a Summer 2020 event. Keep an eye on our socail media pages for updates.

Pittenweem Arts Festival 2018 / 2019

All done and dusted now but we had a fabulous time being an art gallery for 9 days. We made many, many cakes for our brewery bar!  We're the biggest venue at the festival by far and with disabled access, many artists and loads of parking we're a one-stop-shop for festival visitors . Brian Anderson, our wonderfully talented local media magic man, has put together two little videos for you to get a proper feel of what the festival was like for us in 2018. Fancy using us as a venue? Get in touch.

Pittenweem Arts Festival 2017

As part of the Pittenweem Arts Festival 2017 we hosted 12 fabulous artists at our premises during 5th - 13th August. The festival is a celebration of the visual arts showcasing the work of over 100 artists in and around the village of Pittenweem.

Missed it all? Don't worry, as a taster we had Brian Anderson (ex-Pirate Radio Caroline amongst many other accolades ) help us with this little film.

As well as world-class artists, we had a pop-up café that served tea, coffee, a vast selection of home baking, and our very own Ovenstone 109 non-alcoholic Ginger Beer. 

We also had our first ever Ovenstone 109 IPA on tap for a 'wee snifter'.

If you visited and want to find a particular artist then please get in touch with us directly.