Our story

Ovenstone 109 was built using the experience from our other day job, Scott Process Technology Ltd. If you want to know more about them then click here. Otherwise... read on.

Back in the early noughties our MD, Nick, found himself in a bar called Brewerkz in Singapore, which had its very own functioning microbrewery. Nick was smitten, and vowed that he would not rest until he had a microbrewery of his very own. 

Over the next 15 years, Nick made absolutely no progress towards owning his own microbrewery. He did, however, build up his world-class engineering firm which built many things, including the system that recovered rocket fuel from the Space Shuttle solid rocket boosters. 

But in 2016 Nick decided it was time for a change and set on the road to building a brewery inside the workshop of the engineering firm and Ovenstone 109 Ltd was born.

Nearly 2 years later, with a tiny budget and and an even smaller team we launched our very first beer, Terra Nova. Brewed, fermented, bottled and labelled all by our own fair hands.

Brewerkz Bar in Singapore

One of the many things Nick has built.