With lockdown eased considerably, pubs open again and resturants back up and running it's fair to say things are a little more 'normal' than they have been of late. However, that doesn't mean we have become all lackadaisical in our attention to detail. Especially not when it comes to cleaning and using vast amounts of sanitiser. You'll be glad to know that our well practiced pharmaceutical grade efforts on cleanliness remain the same as always. 

Now... we were doing a daily free delivery service to the KY8,9,10, 15 & 16 postcodes but the demand for that has dropped off considerably therefore it makes no sense for us to go out daily for a wee drive. Instead we will do it weekly unless someone is really desperate.... in which case... lets us know and we will do our best to come to the rescue. But either way... follow the link below to get to the online shop.

Local pick-up is free of course and our wee brewery shop is open:

 10am -5pm Mon-Fri
10.30am - 4.30pm Saturday
Closed on Sunday

You can of course just pop in and buy direct over the counter. We wont need to put it in a brown paper bag and tap the end of our noses whilst winking. But please remember to wear a mask. Horse and cape is optional.


Ovenstone 109 is a new brewery in the East Neuk of Fife. We produced our first beer in 2018

We want to make great tasting, unique, craft beers; but then so does every other microbrewery in Scotland. We could write a load of hyped up prose about how amazing we are and why our beers are streets ahead of all other breweries. But lets face it, a great beer for someone might be bland for another. We simply aim to brew tasty beers that make you go 'that's alright that' and we do that with a great deal of emphaisis on quality and consistency. 

Our goals are:

Great beer –make the kind of beers that give you a warm and cosy glow because it reminds you of a refreshingly classic quality ale. We'll leave the high ABV% hop infused concotions of weird to others.

Green beer – we want to install and develop renewable and sustainable technology in our brewery, with the ultimate goal of one day making beer without burning any of those pesky fossil fuels whatsoever.

Smart beer – we want our beer to help people learn stuff about things. That might be showing visitors exactly how craft beer is made, explaining how we try and brew with minimal environmental impact, or teaching local schoolchildren that science isn’t dull as dishwater but has all sorts of thrilling real-world applications. If you visit our premises or website we want you to leave knowing a tiny little bit more about the world than when you arrived.