(We are trying to sell our premises, and move the brewery to a more bijou establishment)


Ovenstone 109 is an award winning craft  brewery in the East Neuk of Fife. We produced our first beer in 2018

We try to make great tasting, unique, craft beers; but then so does every other microbrewery in Scotland. We could write a load of hyped up prose about how amazing we are and why our beers are streets ahead of all other breweries. But lets face it, a great beer for someone might be bland for another. We simply aim to brew tasty beers that make you go 'that's alright that' and we do that with a great deal of emphasis on quality and consistency. 

Our goals as brewers have always been:

Make great beer –make the kind of beers that give you a warm and cosy glow because it reminds you of a refreshingly classic quality ale. We'll leave the high ABV% hop infused concotions of weird to others.

Do fabulous events – our ex-tractor showroom is huge and the brewery only takes up a little part of it. Our tap room provides a hub for all sorts of gatherings and events. Be that a funeral or a wedding and everything inbetween. We offer a rustic space where you can enjoy time with friends and you can do that in a cocktail dress or a boiler suit, we're very laid back. 

Chat enthusiastically about stuff – we want our beer to help people learn stuff about things (our head brewer is a chemical engineer with heaps of exprience building all sorts of things from rocket fuel recovery systems to sea salt factories). That might be showing visitors exactly how craft beer is made, explaining how we try and brew with minimal environmental impact, or teaching local schoolchildren that science isn’t dull as dishwater but has all sorts of thrilling real-world applications. If you visit our premises or website we want you to leave knowing a tiny little bit more about the world than when you arrived.