Why 109°?

We spent a lot of time agonizing over what to call our company. Ovenstone is where we are located so that bit was easy. But what should come after it? ‘Brewery?’ ‘Project?’ ‘Mid-life crisis career change?’

Eventually our MD came up with Ovenstone 109°. We liked it immediately and since we are a bunch of scientists and engineers the prospect of being able to have a scientific symbol in our logo got us more than a little excited.

So Ovenstone 109 Ltd. was born. But what is the significance of this magic number? Well, 109° is the bond angle between the hydroxyl group (OH) and the alkyl group (C2H5) in a molecule of ethanol of course.

Unless you are a hardcore science nerd we’re guessing you probably didn’t know that, so hopefully we have fulfilled our promise that you will leave our website knowing a tiny little bit more about the world than when you arrived.

We didn’t say it was going to be anything useful.

What's so special about our beer?

Our background is science and engineering, so we’re not pretending to be the world’s greatest beer experts (not yet, anyway). The renaissance in craft brewing has given the world a huge variety of fabulous beers, but has also generated a bewildering array of craft-speak terminology.

If you have ever read a description of a beer that talks about grassy hop flavours and spicy citrus notes and thought to yourself “that’s all very well, but will I actually like it?” then we are here to help you.

We’re not going to bang on about delicate toffee malts and subtle fruity aromas, we’re simply going to make classic tasting beers and find as many people as we can to try them. Then we'll only sell the ones that leave 99% of those people with a big happy grin on their faces. This is craft beer without the craft nonsense.

So whenever you pick up a bottle of Ovenstone 109 beer you will know that it has been extensively tested on real human beings, and that there will be no chance of it tasting like fizzy grapefruit that has been tempered with avocado. It will taste like a good honest beer and that's our promise. 

Ovenstone 109. Your lifeboat of normal in a sea of craft confusion. 

Icons created by Gan Khoon Lay and Emma Gilardi at the Noun Project.