When's the big opening???

OK, so you might have driven past, or found one of our fliers... or even heard about us from someone else and you're wondering what exactly is going on.

Well... in a nutshell.... we're currently finishing off the installation of our brewkit. As a bunch of geeky engineers we don't like to throw stuff together all Heath Robinson and the like so we're engineering a fabulous mahogany clad, polished stainless system. Sadly, this is taking a little longer than we hoped but don't worry, we're hard at work. So with a bit of luck we'll be operational in the next few weeks.

If you've been here before and thought "They said Late Autumn! What sort of mickey mouse operation is this??!' We're sorry. Things are taking a little longer than we hoped simply because at Ovenstone 109  we do all the crafts and we're very particular about doing it right. So if its drainage, we do that. Woodwork? Welding and fabrication? Yep, all that too. Which means when our beer is finally crafted to delight your taste buds it will indeed have been crafted from the ground up, quite literally. 

For a little peek at what we've been up to so far click on our project gallery here.

What are you going to make?

Quite simply. Beer. 

But if you think we're joining the craft beer revolution and joining those beardy hipsters with their boil in the bag hop infused concoctions of weird you can think again. We're all about making a nice pint which you can rely on. So to kick things off we'll have our yet to be named Golden Ale at about 4% ABV and perhaps a classic such as an 80 shilling or maybe a stout.  Available in cask and 500ml bottle and we'll update the bar list once we know who's going to stock our casks. We will of course have our own non-alcoholic ginger beer which we were selling at the arts festival earlier in the year as well.

Will you be doing tours?



I'm kidding. Of course we will be doing tours. But initially they'll be very much a 'pop in and see' type tour rather than the polished experience you get elsewhere. We wanted to make beer so we've spent all of our pocket money on the equipment rather than paying for someone to design an 'experience'.   If you come in, you'll meet the team who actually make the beer and we'll be covered in grain and splashes from things like filling casks. But then you'll know you're getting the real deal. We'll be delighted to see you and if we have cake you can have some of that too. It'll still be an experience... just less shiny than one you pay for.

That's right... a tour will cost you nada, zip, hee haw or in plain speak, nothing at all. You just pop in. In the future we'll do the whole nine yards brew experience where you join the team for a brew. But until we get established all you need to do is turn up with a smile and we'll show you round. Don't be surprised if we ask you to hold something or answer the phone though. Our multi tasking has its limits.