Our story

Back in the early noughties our MD, Nick, found himself in a bar called Brewerkz, which had its very own functioning microbrewery. Nick was smitten, and vowed that he would not rest until he had a microbrewery of his very own.

Over the next 15 years, Nick made absolutely no progress towards owning his own microbrewery. He did, however, build up a world-class engineering firm which built many things, including the system that recovered rocket fuel from the Space Shuttle solid rocket boosters.

In 2013 Nick met his partner, Ruth, a seabird biologist recently returned from Antarctica. Ruth had no knowledge or experience of brewing whatsoever, but was nevertheless enthusiastic about the idea of setting up a brewery.

Nick finally got his microbrewery project off the ground when one of his long-trusted colleagues joined the venture and lit the blue touch paper on the brewing empire fuse. The team was now complete. Between us we had no expertise in making beer and very little money – the perfect situation to start up an entirely new business!

So Ovenstone 109 was born and is now under development on the site of Nick’s engineering firm in the East Neuk of Fife. If he can build that solid rocket fuel thingy for NASA then knocking up some lovingly crafted local beers should be a walk in the park, right?