What are you going to make?

Quite simply. Beer.

Initially we'll get three really good classics sorted, a Golden Ale, a Blonde and an 80 Shilling. After that we might venture down the fruit beer path and the cider. Mainly because we have some amazing local fruit and apples grown within walking distance of the brewery. We're also very keen to sort out a really good low-alcohol beer and a gluten free beer. But one step at a time.

However, if you were hoping that we would be joining the craft beer revolution and those beardy hipsters with their boil in the bag hop infused concoctions of weird you can think again. We're all about making a nice pint which you can rely on.

Where did the beer names come from?

We're a bunch of East Neuk locals and we're very proud of our heritage. Also, you might be surprised at who and what has come out of Fife and the surrounding locality. So all our beer names will have something that should hopefully make you go 'Oh... that's interesting. From where? Really? Never would have guessed!'


4.3%ABV Golden Ale

OK, so let's start at the beginning. Our first beer was called this for a number of reasons.
In Latin it means 'New Land' and let's be honest here, our brewery is new territory for us.
Terra Nova is the name of the ship that Captain Robert Falcon Scott commanded for his infamous south pole attempt, but what you might not know is that Terra Nova was built just up the road in Dundee. 
Also, one of our team spent two and half years studying seabirds in Antarctica so it all ties together nicely.